Smart PropertyGrid.Net

Finally, a truly flexible and customizable PropertyGrid for serious .Net developers.

SPG.Net is full of benefits for your applications. Click on the links below to discover some of them:

We had just exhausted the capabilities of the standard Microsoft PropertyGrid and had started writing our own extensions when we found SmartPropertyGrid. SPG negated the need for custom extensions whilst greatly simplifying and accelerating our product development. We recently commissioned one of our expert users to do some Alpha testing and here is a direct quote from his first report: "I'd say the model build takes around 70-80% of the time required using the existing interface, and with more experience with the new interface could reduce the time a bit further still - it really is that good!" He is referring to the process of building transportation models using the new version of the product versus the previous version - which was based on individual object editor dialogs. I can say in all honesty that a large part of the credit for this goes to SPG.

Brian Hutchison at Sias

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Smart FieldPackEditor.Net

First, there was the restrictive and defective legacy DateTimePicker. Now there's FieldPackEditor...

SFPE.Net introduces the first true DateTimePicker replacement and even more:

See it in action Screencasts: Screencast 1: a full featured DateTimePicker Screencast 2: three different ways to nullify a DateTimePicker Screencast 3: Databinding and the DataGridView Screencast 4: a FieldPackEditor is not just for dates and times Screencast of the new TimeSpan editor for .Net

In this version, you will find a totally new MonthCalendar for .Net.

Nov 18, 2022: 

SPG for .Net 6+ v4.1.0 and SFPE for .Net 6+ v2.1.0 have been released.


The free Krypton Toolkit API brings many enterprise class themes to Smart PropertyGrid.Net so that you can nicely embed it into your skinned application. Click here to know more.

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