What my customers are saying...

VisualHint has helped hundreds of developers display a flexible and rich PropertyGrid to their customers. The support given has always been greater than their expectations. Here are some of their comments:

Nick Posey (TeraCorp) writes:

Excellent control pack for some of the lacking functionality which comes with some VS.NET 2010 controls. Excellent IP Address control for easier work with IP segments, as well as a much more robust DateTimePicker control with support for the so long needed TAB key option to switch through the various segments of the date/time. Also much easier to support NULL values rather than relying on a checkbox! Also works great with partial dates such as expiration dates which only require mm/yyyy format, etc. Support has been A++ and suggestions are taken into consideration and implemented very quickly if decidedly a good one!

Would certainly recommend this control pack for any .NET developer who finds the DateTime control and MaskedTextBox insufficient for themselves or their customers!

Andreas Bossert (CAS) writes:

I am Software Engineer at CAS Germany. We recently decided to purchase the Smart PropertyGrid instead of developing such a control by ourselves. We were looking after a PropertyGrid having some additional features the MS PropertyGrid was not able to provide us. First we had some reservations to purchase such a piece of software from a one person company but soon it showed that this was not a mistake. After we started to integrate the SPG into our software it soon showed up that the SPG was not 100% compatible with the WeakReferences we use to assure the cleanup of some large Objects. So i contacted the Developer of the SPG, Nicolas Cadilhac, to get support to this problem. Instead of waiting several days for some answers he responded to my Mails in less than one hour. He immediately started to realize what the problem was and developed a new release of the SPG for us at the same day. This i am calling support. Thank you again, Nicolas! Great piece of software, great support!

Rafal Gucwa (GeneralRobotics) writes:

WOW!!! That’s quick! Recently I had to wait almost 2 months for a bugfix from [...] and here I am getting almost next day delivery of a shyly proposed feature. This is called a good customer support! [...] If you are going to create any other high quality controls that are well written and simply work, GRL will be the first to buy them. The controls available on the internet are usually very badly designed, often written by amateurs and even if they are developed by a professional company, they are not really user friendly and have lots of bugs.

Robert Inch (Schoolhouse Technologies) writes:

[...] In general, we are dropping 3rd party components that are not critical to our application. For example, we have been using [...] and [...] but have had occasional licensing and other errors with those as well. And since they don't provide any absolutely necessary functionality we will make do with the simpler toolbar and grid provided in Visual Studio. Your Smart PropertyGrid, on the other hand, provides functionality that we couldn't do without. [...]

Brian Hutchison (Sias) writes:

We had just exhausted the capabilities of the standard Microsoft PropertyGrid and had started writing our own extensions when we found SmartPropertyGrid. SPG negated the need for custom extensions whilst greatly simplifying and accelerating our product development.

We recently commissioned one of our expert users to do some Alpha testing and here is a direct quote from his first report:

"I'd say the model build takes around 70-80% of the time required using the existing interface, and with more experience with the new interface could reduce the time a bit further still - it really is that good!"

He is referring to the process of building transportation models using the new version of the product versus the previous version - which was based on individual object editor dialogs.

I can say in all honesty that a large part of the credit for this goes to SPG.

Daniel Griffin (Dang Consulting) writes:

Given the time and effort that it can take getting up to speed with the Microsoft Property Grid, it is very frustrating when you realize that it is not going to allow you to present data in anything but the most basic ways without digging into unsupported techniques, and then all bets are off on the future of your application. The Smart Property Grid gives us both the ability to leverage our skills and code written for the MSPG, and the flexibility that every developer wants when creating a polished UI. Thank you VisualHint for providing such a great product and for your wonderful and responsive support!

Florian Fordermaier (ET-P Elektrotechnik Peter) writes:

We were looking for a property grid that integrates with the existing MS infrastructure and provides greater flexibility and efficiency in customization than MSPG. Fortunatly, we found VisualHint and SPG. Its rich features and steady enhancements together with a first class support not only make it an outstanding product, it makes it THE property grid for .NET.

Brian Warren (MKS, Ion Systems) writes:

As our application development progressed, the Microsoft PropertyGrid became more difficult and time-consuming to use. In some cases, we hit a dead end trying to implement a key feature. The VisualHint SmartPropertyGrid.NET solved our problems. With the comprehensive sample code, we were able to quickly complete our development. The SmartPropertyGrid is now an integral part of our system platform.

Meera Subbarao (DataSource) writes:

We tried VisualHint because we wanted a feature-rich custom property grid, and it has indeed met our expectations. What surprised us was the speed and reliability of support, which is terrific. VisualHint was a great choice for us!

Jeffrey D. Panici (WorkerBee) writes:

I just wanted to congratulate you on such a fantastic product. SmartyPropertyGrid is light years beyond Microsoft's PropertyGrid control and the declarative nature makes it very easy to create dynamic grids with ease.

Peter Hauptmann (Klippel) writes:

When looking for a Property Editor for MFC, I've evaluated a few, and for my application, VisualHint was a clear choice, and now, after more than a year using it, it did more than fulfil the expectations and hopes I had. The support is amazing for a one man show. Nicolas Cadilhac patiently answered all my questions about inner structure, why he did things the way he did, and if the modifications I wanted to do were feasible.

C. Meyer (Microsoft) writes:

Our application required a flexible, accessible property grid with a rich feature set beyond what is offered by the WinForms PropertyGrid. We found the Smart PropertyGrid to be an ideal and cost-effective solution, and we received outstanding integration support. The SPG demonstrates the excellence and vibrancy of the .NET community.

R. Ruis (Softeam) writes:

This is the only PropertyGrid that was able to meet our requirements regarding the customization capabilities in a very satisfactory and exhaustive way (listbox with icons, formatting, ...). The support I received was both timely and efficient. Undoubtedly the best PropertyGrid for .Net ever.