About VisualHint

Nicolas Cadilhac, VisualHint's owner

VisualHint is a mISV privately held by myself, Nicolas Cadilhac, a French expat installed in Montreal/Canada in 2000 with my wife Caroline and our three kids. I created this company as a creative outlet. The result is Smart PropertyGrid for .Net and for MFC, available to Windows developers, as well as a new product called Smart FieldPackEditor.Net.

At VisualHint, much like previous companies I have worked for, I am committed to the following principles:

  • Your user experience and those of your clients is my priority.
  • The careful design of complete frameworks that will easily allow future extensions and modifications.
  • Release products with a high visual quality. I love to develop custom controls from scratch where I have total freedom to align every single pixel for a perfect user experience.
  • Providing you with friendly, fast and responsive support. There is nothing worse than troubleshooting an issue and to be answered with vague workarounds, limitations and pre-canned answers.

I work as a contractor for companies that demand strong expertise in the development of .Net custom controls, consistent and modern graphical user interfaces and complete applications. You can expect the same level of professionalism from me that I bring to my work.

Here is what Microsoft has to say about Smart PropertyGrid.Net (from the testimonials page):

Our application required a flexible, accessible property grid with a rich feature set beyond what is offered by the WinForms PropertyGrid. We found the Smart PropertyGrid to be an ideal and cost-effective solution, and we received outstanding integration support. The SPG demonstrates the excellence and vibrancy of the .NET community.

If like many .Net developers you find that the Microsoft PropertyGrid is a great developer tool but lacks a lot of what could make it ideal for a perfect end-user experience, if you can't stop complaining about the Microsoft DateTimePicker, you have come to the right place and VisualHint is a name you won't soon forget.

I hope you will enjoy the VisualHint products and I thank you for your business.