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Smart PropertyGrid Final for .Net 6, version 4.0, is released + new Fluent API

Today is a great day for VisualHint with 2 important news.

I'm pleased to announce the officiel release of Smart PropertyGrid for .Net 6 today. It is available as a NuGet package on nuget.org for the trial version and on your private NuGet feed for the purchased version.

I have also added a completely new feature allowing you to fill the grid traditionally with SelectedObject and to customize each property with a Fluent API. It means that you can have on one side your business objects without any PropertyGrid attributes, the PropertyGrid itself, and some custom separate classes (profiles) to customize how your business objects appear in the grid. Right now the API is minimal and an in-progress work based on your requests. You will find the online documentation here.

Next step: I'm cloning the PropertyGridShowRoom sample to use SelectedObject and this fluent API. This will drive new additions to the API.

Don't hesitate to let me know what you think!