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VisualHint runs now on Asp.Net Core 6

The VisualHint web server had been running .Net Framework and Asp.Net Mvc 5 for a long time and I had never developed with Asp.Net Core before. I thought it would make an interesting project to migrate it to Core and the result is now live in front of your eyes. It took me weeks to build it because so many things have changed. Here is a non-exhaustive list of all the impacted areas:

  1. Dependency injection (many of my internals migrated to injected services)
  2. MVC pipeline
  3. Routing
  4. Bundling and minifying
  5. Session storage
  6. Authentication and authorization
  7. Background jobs (commands and maintenance tasks) - Now using Quartz
  8. RavenDb
  9. AutoMapper
  10. Logging (was using RavenDb store, now in memory waiting for a better solution)
  11. Emailing
  12. Async everywhere
  13. and a ton of small other things in my code

It was huge, really, but I'm pretty happy with the result. Things to note:

  • The mailing list is broken. I was using a homemade library and it's an enormous job to port it. Don't know when I can fix that.
  • Since the authentication system had to change, your password is not usable anymore. You will have to reset it by going to the lost password route.

The server is still hosted by Azure. Ultimately, I would like to move it to a cheaper linux box.

With so many changes, bugs may happen. Please contact me if you encounter any issues. You can also do so if you are in such a migration and need some help. Who knows if I can give some advice based on this recent experience.