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Navigate with the TAB key in a PropertyGrid

This feature is one of the most discussed about PropertyGrids in general, whether they are mfc, activeX or .net controls from third party developers. The model provided by Microsoft does not offer the possibility to navigate from value to value with the TAB key, or shift+TAB for reverse order and this is a lack that annoys a lot of people. One of my customers had a long discussion with me about this feature. He wanted absolutely this kind of navigation to help his end-user edit a long list of [...]

SelectedObjects ... with a final ‘s’

Since the release of the major version 1.5 with the support of Microsoft UITypeEditor classes is not far away and because many people are asking: Yes, SelectedObjects allowing to select multiple target instances in the PropertyGrid is the next major feature to be developed. Once done, this should definitely show that Smart PropertyGrid.Net has now an extensive list of features and can be used as a stable base for even more enhancements in the future. [...]

The next major feature

"Smart PropertyGrid.Net will now support Microsoft UITypeEditors (dropdown and modal), the built-in ones provided in the .Net framework as well as the custom ones you have created." In this post I wanted to announce that I was working on the first of the next major features available in SPG.Net 2.0. But this is a feature that many people requested and therefore I will answer to this wish by creating shortly a version 1.5 that will integrate it, even if officially this is a "2.0" feature. The [...]

Incredible month of May

I would like to thank all the companies and individuals who suddenly transformed nice sales into a tremendous success. The month of May has been outstanding in terms of sales. As a consequence, my helpdesk system is also showing more and more messages from all of you. I get some "thank-you" for this unique product alongside the Microsoft PropertyGrid, I get new feature requests and also troubleshooting and problem reports ... all the things that will make Smart PropertyGrid continue to grow and [...]

What is coming next?

So far everything is going well with the release of Smart PropertyGrid.Net. No major bugs were reported and each minor bug is fixed the same day it is received. Version 1.0.2 is on its way to bring you the latest updates. The sales are also promising and the last sale being a full site license with one year support allows me to see the near future with confidence. Concerning the management of VisualHint, first I have chosen a design company to do the new web site. Production may begin next week. [...]

Countdown to the release of Smart PropertyGrid 1.0

You were waiting for this one I’m sure: "Smart PropertyGrid.Net 1.0 will be out some time next week". I have no known bugs in the queue and it makes now several days that nobody is reporting some glitches or whatever that could delay the release. That’s why I wanted to make this pre-announcement so that you can still benefit from the current discount (I remind you that it entitles you to buy any additional licenses and subscription renewals at the same discount during your initial subscription, [...]

Icons for the combobox

Per user request, I added as a built-in feature the possibility to attach images to the elements of a combobox. Before, it would have been possible to achieve such effect but by deriving from several classes. Now the effort for the developer is minimal and just needs to attach an ImageList to a property Value. Here is an example: [...]


This is the number of registered people who have tried Smart PropertyGrid beta. I am quite impressed by this figure and for sure I was not hoping so much interest, even if I think that if companies want to display a PropertyGrid in their application it should definitely be something more user friendly than the Microsoft grid that has been designed for developers. Now this is very difficult to say what sales will be. Do people come by curiosity or do they actually intend to purchase such a [...]

Price plans

Price plans have been defined and are as follows: Initial subscription (30 days) with sources: 1 license = $159 ($127 for a limited time) 5 pack = $755 (5% discount) 10 pack = $1,429 (10% discount) 20 pack = $2,544 (20% discount) Full site = $5,959 (25% discount) You can mix the packs to obtain the appropriate number of licenses. Initial subscription (30 days) without sources: 1 license = $99 5 pack = $469 (5% discount) 10 pack = $891 (10% discount) 20 pack = $1,584 (20% discount) Full site = [...]

The versatility of the Checkbox'ed property

When the user wants to select some values from a definite small number of choices, attaching a checkbox look/feel to the property is a good way to achieve exactly that, instead of using the usual combobox. Instinctively you may think that only an enumeration type can use such a feature. Actually, three types can. Enumeration: this is the usual case. You may apply a custom attribute to display the enum values differently. [Flags] public enum SupportedOSs { none = 0, win95 = 1, win98 = 2, winxp = [...]