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VisualHint’s web site has been reviewed by Bob Walsh from 47hats.com

As a customer or visitor of this web site, this is maybe not the post you wish to read. It won’t talk about PropertyGrids, DateTimePickers or other editors but about the design and the life of this web site. As a micro independant software vendor (aka mISV) and specialist of software development it is sometimes difficult to create a good website, attract customers with perfect descriptions and screenshots of products as well as interesting and relevant informations. On the other hand it’s very easy to loose the focus on all of these while writing C# code to enhance or create products. That’s why some time ago I asked Bob at 47hats to include VisualHint in his weekly review of mISVs web sites.

Bob owns a "mISV type" company and he even wrote a book about it. He is now considered an authority in this domain and launches a consulting firm to help independant workers like me. Last week, he informed me that the review for VisualHint was in the work and here is the result: review at 47hats.com.

From this review, I keep the following criticisms:

  • SPG.Net is not correctly introduced.
  • Its important features, your benefits, are listed too deeply in verbose text.
  • My english may be suitable to talk to you in a blog must not for the business part of the web site.
  • Where is the testimonials page?

Of course I also read positive elements which confirm the qualities of VisualHint:

  • The web site is very pleasant to read.
  • My second product, Smart FieldPackEditor.Net has been introduced correctly, especially with the help of screencasts.
  • The support given to customers, as it appears on the site, is excellent (it is also excellent when I actually give support).
  • This is honest to introduce VisualHint on the about page the way it is really: driven by a passionate developer.

From there, I have to plan the changes that I will bring to the site (the testimonials page has already been added). This will mainly concern the spg.net product and the level of written english. If you have your own view on what is missing or badly shown, don't hesitate to add it in the comments.