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Smart PropertyGrid for .Net 6 RC is available

Many of my customers are currently migrating their applications to .Net 6 and it was important to port SPG to this new .Net version. So, I am happy to announce today the availability of SPG for WinForms / .Net 6, for now in a Release Candidate 2 version. Here is what you need to know if you want to use it:

  1. SPG is now available through a private NuGet feed. Its URL is viewable in your customer dashboard. The trial will soon be available on nuget.org too. For those who buy the product with the source code, an installation package is still available in the customer portal.
  2. The API remains the same so you should have no problems with your existing code.
  3. Licensing has changed because the company that developed the 3rd-party tools I was using is no longer around (web site is alive but no answer from vendor). So they don't have a new version to manage licensing and obfuscation under .Net 6 and Visual Studio 2022. You will find in the documentation the small changes to make to your projects.
  4. The documentation is no longer delivered in PDF format. You will find it online. I now write it in Markdown format and statically generate the web pages as soon as I make a change on the pages that are stored on Github. So, changes will be faster and search engines will be able to index it, which is also a good thing to make VisualHint known.
  5. Like the documentation, the samples are now off-site, on Github.
  6. The migration work was a long task and I decided, as a solo developer and for survival reasons, to treat SPG for .Net 6 as a new product. So you will have to buy new licenses (the purchase page now asks you which version you want to buy). Since SPG for .Net Framework is a very mature product, I'm going to leave it as is and only make bug fixes. The good news is that the version for .Net 6 will continue to evolve. Therefore I want to listen to all your feature requests. In the near future I will propose a new one.

For your new projects under Winforms / .Net 6, you can be sure that the PropertyGrid you have always loved will continue to follow you. Don't hesitate to write me for any question.

PS: btw, I looked at the copyright message at the bottom of the site and noticed that I completely missed the 20 years anniversary of VisualHint last year. And I'm still here in business hoping that it will last a long time!