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This was an evidence...

... I had to blog to show any interested .NET developers that a new type of PropertyGrid is coming. What better tool than a blog could do that? Anyway, I thought it was easy, but when english is not your natural language and when you face a blank window, writing even the most insipid spiel is not obvious.

So just let me introduce myself: my name is Nicolas Cadilhac. I live in Montreal, Canada. I'm creating my own company because I want to dedicate the right amount of time to the products I create. And moreover, people from the .NET side are constantly asking me if I will one day or another port this great custom control to their world. So today, the answer is yes.

There is not real meat here yet, but stay tuned. It will come quicker than you think. The web site also has all the basics to make it work. I will add bit by bit all needed features. If you see something wrong in your browser, thanks to let me know.

And please, for pity's sake, pardon my english and contact me to correct any big mistake or strange turn of phrase you may see.