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What is coming next?

So far everything is going well with the release of Smart PropertyGrid.Net. No major bugs were reported and each minor bug is fixed the same day it is received. Version 1.0.2 is on its way to bring you the latest updates. The sales are also promising and the last sale being a full site license with one year support allows me to see the near future with confidence.

Concerning the management of VisualHint, first I have chosen a design company to do the new web site. Production may begin next week. I will also buy a script (still in development) that handles customers, licenses and downloads far better than now. Furthermore it should integrate perfectly with the CMS I’m using. And at last, the addition of an helpdesk software will be a true benefit for me and my customers. Bugs and feature requests will be managed efficiently and it will support documentation books and a knowledge base. As far as documentation is concerned, this is still a weak point. But I am working on a tutorial, kind of quick start guide, that will be available during the first week of April.

This year will be the real expansion of VisualHint and I hope that you will be part of it.