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A new home for VisualHint

VisualHint has reached another milestone. Today, I’m launching my new web site that offers the GUI components that I design. The redesign was not out of boredom, but simply the result of a need to support more than one product. The previous site had been designed around a main product (Smart PropertyGrid) and the accompanying news section and I had no idea how to add another product which would have the same importance. Therefore, it was time for a redesign.

I took Xara Xtreme Pro, a very nice tool to quickly output vector drawings and began coding css and html pages. I must admit it was quite long for me because I’m not a web designer, but I like the process of being fully involved in the construction of my new home. That being said, I hope you will like it, as much as I do. Btw, here is a list of what changes were made during the redesign:

  • The previous blog was more a “news section” than a blog. I will now try to maintain a true blog discussing PropertyGrids, DateTimePickers and custom controls in general.
  • Comments and trackbacks are open for more communication with visitors and customers.
  • The homepage clearly presents the products, the latest announcement and the latest blog post.
  • The navigation is easier than before.

So now you would like to know more about this new product, is that it? To be followed on the next post…