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Smart FieldPackEditor.Net prices explained

SFPE.Net is due out very soon, so I'm just giving the final touches like preparing the web site, building installation packages and creating license files. I have also finalized the price plan and I wanted to share with you why it looks like this:

FieldPackEditor prices

I want to emphasize several important points:

  1. Some of you will want to replace the old MS DateTimePicker and that's it. The option starting at 49$ is for you. It is very affordable and not too low (some people think that too low means "no value"). At this price, replacing all your DateTime pickers should be seen as a bargain since you get what you needed (at last you get rid of the MS DTP) + a complete framework the day you want to go a step further.
  2. Let's take now the most popular option "source code with a one year subscription" which costs 99$ for one developer. I chose this price carefully. It is typical of this kind of full featured component and won't scare your company to buy one or more. If you already know the quality of the support I give you, then you realize how much value is packed in this product.
  3. The discounts applied for the volume purchases is also far more aggressive than for SPG.Net. The site license is calculated on a 70% discount basis! My wish here is to make this option so affordable that medium to big companies won't wonder very long if they should purchase the library for their department A but not for department B. By getting the site license at this price you win the peace of mind by being sure that any of your developers can include the component in any of your applications.