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Two screencasts to showcase the great support of SelectedObjects

The support for SelectedObjects in version 2.5 of Smart PropertyGrid.Net has been totally reworked. Previously it was rather limited, so I wanted to bring it equal to the Microsoft PropertyGrid and finally it appears it is now far better. It is now possible to select several target instances and to see and edit any common properties even for immutable properties, the ones whose TypeConverter returns true for CreateInstanceSupported(). Add the existing power of SPG, like the numerous editors, and you have a very powerful and flexible way to edit for e.g. the objects you have selected in your CAD/CAM client application.

A demonstration is better than a long explanation so I have created two screencasts (please, bear with me, this is the first time I'm doing it in english). The first one is based on a famous article at CodeProject and the second one uses the great Spread for Windows Forms from FarPoint.