VisualHint's blog

Coming back on the scene

I know, VisualHint’s blog has been quiet for some time now, simply because internal activity has increased and the next version of SPG and SFPE are in the starting blocks. In the next days/weeks, you will see again that a lot is actually happening under the hood. Here are the next events at VisualHint:

  1. SPG 3.0, which is already available as a preview for customers, will be published as a public beta as soon as I have updated the documentation. Here is a (resized) screenshot of the revamped supplied sample:
  2. SFPE 1.1, which is already in beta, will be officially released.
  3. I will often post here to explain what's new in both products. Expect some screencasts inside.
  4. At one point, a FAQ/tips section will be opened.