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A screencast for the new features of Smart FieldPackEditor.Net 1.1

Now that SFPE 1.1 has been released, better than a thousand words, here is a short screencast to showcase its new features:

Also here is the changelog:

Version 1.1:

New features:

  • A convenient latitude/longitude editor has been added to wrap LatLongFieldPacks. What makes it exceptional is that it accepts values as float, double, decimal and corresponding nullable types and it can even be given your own latitude/longitude type as long as it is IConvertible to decimal or an attached TypeConverter can make the conversion.
  • The latitude/longitude editor has a new inplace control for Smart PropertyGrid.
  • The latitude/longitude editor can display its value as deg.fraction, deg min.fraction or deg min sec.fraction, with the fraction being optional.
  • The IpAddress editor has a new inplace control for Smart PropertyGrid. It can be attached to a string or uint property type.
  • Field.Readonly is now handled (behaviour and ForeColor). A ReadOnly field can still be selected. If you don't want so, just set Field.Selectable to false.
  • FieldPackEditor.ReadonlyForeColor has been added.
  • DateTimeCustomFormatConverter has been set to the DateTimePicker.CustomFormat property so that it lists all standard format strings.
  • There is now a simple way to set any field pack to accept the delete key or not, to nullify its content. Call the AcceptsDeleteKey property on the supplied editors or more specifically on individual field packs. The SpgSfpeAdapter also provides an attribute (FieldPackAcceptsDeleteKeyAttribute).
  • The visibility of the checkbox, updown and dropdown buttons can now be set through the look class in Smart PropertyGrid.
  • A month name field can now be edited with a numeric value (typing 2 will give february).
  • Jumping to the next field can now be done with the blank key or the first letter/sign of the adjacent static field.

Bug fixes:

  • When an editor was inside Smart PropertyGrid, its value was not commited if the user was in the middle of typing in a field.
  • The up/down buttons were not effective when the user was in the middle of typing in a field.
  • Better detection of a separator in the datetime format string. There was a problem when the user was typing a separator char prefixed by another static field.
  • In an editor showing the time in 12h format with an AP/PM designator, changing the hour field could incorrectly change the AM/PM designator.
  • Then management of the temporary buffer used while typing in a field has been enhanced.

Version 1.0:

Initial public version.