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An interactive calendar on your windows desktop

In 2002, when VisualHint was not born yet, I was proposing some components written in C++/MFC under the name aircom.org. The MFC PropertyGrid appeared there, as well as a DateTimePicker and color components.

Today I retrieved a nice little program, called DeskDate that I was selling for a modest 9.95 US$, and reinstalled it on my machine. Take it! It's now free (I'm not responsible if it destroys your computer, bla bla bla). DeskDate displays a permanent calendar on your desktop (you choose the number of rows and columns, and the color), behind all windows (you can bring it on the foreground with a hotkey). Right-click to access the preferences. Here is a screenshot:

alt text

Now, does it give you a clue about my new task for SFPE?