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The calendar is now kryptonized

A few hours after announcing the addition of a totally new MonthCalendar to the DateTimePicker supplied in Smart FieldPackEditor, here is an addon class that will paint the calendar with the Krypton palettes.

The effect with the various built-in palettes is very professional and I must congratulate Phil of ComponentFactory for the excellent job he does with the Krypton Toolkit. His product is not only a suite of very polished controls, it is also a library that 3rd party developers can use to paint their own controls. And this is a joy to use.

The supplied drawing manager for krypton painting is an example with my own tastes. You are free to modify it or derive your own class from it. If you hit some limitations related to the drawing, your feature requests are welcome (this is true for the features of the calendar too, of course).

The free MonthCalendar, as well as the Krypton drawing manager and a sample are all zipped in this archive.