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First insight

I will in a short time post some articles about specific features of SPG.NET. In the meantime you can already read a list of existing features for the MFC version of the library. Here are the topics I will discuss. They will come with screenshots:

  • Overall look customization: modifying the overall look of the grid is already described on the VisualHint web site. But I want to recall it here because this is one point that can make your grid really stand out in your product and this is something simply impossible in the standard PropertyGrid.
  • Auto-discovery: SPG has its own way to use reflection to discover the inner properties of an object instance. First it mimics what the standard PropertyGrid does so that you get what you are used to. And additionnaly you can customize it to show what you really want to show and how you want to show it. An example would be a Pen displayed only as one row, showing a visual aspect of the pen, with only one child property showing the pen width whose content could be changed with a slider or an updown arrow.
  • Multiple values in a row: Here is really a new concept. Typically a row in the grid is linked to only one data. Now it will be possible to link with any number of data, making possible to represent for example a number (changed with a textbox) and its unit (changed with a listbox).
  • New attributes: Some new attributes are defined, and many more will be added later, to be able to customize a property without having to write a ton of code.