Top 10 reasons to adopt Smart PropertyGrid.Net

  • The Microsoft PropertyGrid is a developer tool and not a practical control for the end-user. Smart PropertyGrid, on the other hand, was developed with usability and accessibility in mind and provides the developer a flexible and well-designed library. That's why Smart PropertyGrid is recommended for developers who have always been hesitant to use the Microsoft PropertyGrid as well as for those who use and even master it.
  • Switching from the Microsoft PropertyGrid to Smart PropertyGrid is very straightforward. You can quickly port your application to use Smart PropertyGrid in one easy step, then learn its new features at your own pace.
  • The Microsoft PropertyGrid proudly advertises two kinds of inplace controls and custom UITypeEditors. Smart PropertyGrid is compatible with all of this functionality and adds fifteen true inplace controls, and offers the capability for you to design your own controls.
  • Smart PropertyGrid lets you customize it at runtime in a lot of ways. You can completely alter its content without having to call SelectedObject again. You can act on every single property and change its appearance and content. They can even be hidden.
  • There is visual quality in Smart PropertyGrid. Texts don't shift when an inplace control is shown or a tooltip appears. Some margins are applied between important elements and all these drawing settings are customizable.
  • The Microsoft PropertyGrid forces an annoying popup on your customers when the data does not validate. Smart PropertyGrid simply gives the user options when data does not validate, where and when the opportunity to do so exists.
  • VisualHint adds value to Smart PropertyGrid to make it a pleasant and complete control. Versatile property enumerators, optional navigation with the TAB key, several disabled modes, embedded hyperlinks, imagelists and many more features. Does the Microsoft PropertyGrid offer these options?
  • Customer service is my top priority. When customers require support, your experience with Smart PropertyGrid.Net is my number one prirority. Your customers satisfaction is paramount.
  • Smart PropertyGrid is constantly evolving. Product development is not dependent on a new .Net release. I am continuously improving the product based on customer feature requests and I plan their inclusion in a future release during your annual subscription.
  • Smart PropertyGrid is extremely price competitive. Just think on the savings, when you consider the cost of a developer for a single day's work? The Return On Investment alone makes the purchase of Smart PropertyGrid.Net an easy decision.